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  • Image_Sensor


    2GIG GC3 Image Sensor PIR Motion Detector (2GIG-IMAGE2)

    The image sensor for the GC3 Panel is a PIR motion detector with a built in camera that automatically takes pictures of alarm events and sends them to your phone for immediate visual verification. Images are transmitted through the cellular connection so broadband Internet is not needed. Requires the Gold Interactive package. Requires 2GIG GC3 3.0.1 firmware or later.

    • ETL certified for UL 639
    • Wireless connectivity for easy installation
    • Configurable PIR sensitivity including pet immunity
    • Resolution: 320×240 (QVGA)
    • Color camera
    • Night vision w/IR illumination
    • Black and white
    • Receive email or MMS alerts with images attached


    Requires Gold Interactive Monitoring and the XCVR3 GC3 Transceiver.

  • 2GIG-RPTR1-345-600x600

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    The 2GIG 345MHz Repeater will repeat 2GIG and Honeywell sensor signals to 2GIG panels. By adding a Repeater between the panel and sensor the system can get better range and more reliable signals in difficult RF environments. The Repeater is a plug and play device that will immediately start repeating signals when powered on. The rechargeable battery provides backup power in case of AC power loss.

    Optional zone programming to supervise Tamper, AC Loss and Low Battery.

    GC2: Requires FW v.1.14 or higher

    GC3: Requires FW v3.1 or higher






    The first of its kind to market in the security industry, the 2GIG® Stove & Grill Guard provides effective awareness of burners that have been left on accidentally, whether after cleaning, cooking or socializing.  The user can also modify the time from once a burner has been turned on to when the notification will be sent.  Notifications can be sent either smartphone or security panel alerts. As such, it gives families peace of mind when seniors are using a stove or grill because they are notified immediately of anything left on.



    • Notification to panel when knob on stove/grill is turned at least 20 degrees from the default “off” position.

    • Remote e-mail/text notification (enabled through account)

    • Water resistant: Weather sealed sensor disk adheres to surface of stove/grill, IP65 rated.

    • Includes multiple magnet sleeves to fit majority of stoves and grills.



    GC2 (Firmware version or higher)

    GC3 (Firmware version 3.02 or higher)

    Vario (Firmware version 5.57 or higher)

    Honeywell Vista Panels:

    15P, 20P, 50P, 10SE, 20SE


  • 2gig-ft1-345-flood-and-temperature-detector


    2GIG-FT1-345 Flood and Temperature Sensor

    Perfect sensor to alert the home owner of a flood or excessive change in temperature.

    The 2GIG-FT1-345 is a fully supervised, tamper protected one-way 345 MHz sensor. It will monitor the ambient temperature and will detect a wet/dry flood condition. The sensor reports wet/dry conditions and temperature to the panel.

    Flood Conditions

    Once the sensor probe detects the presence of water for three (3) minutes, the integral transmitter will send a wet alarm transmission to the security/control panel. The probe will also send a restore (dry) report when the presence of liquid is no longer detected by the flood probe for three (3) minutes. For flood reporting, the sensor requires the installation of the supplied external flood probe. The sensor is capable of detecting clean or dirty fresh water, salt water, or tap water.

    • Detects standing water that reaches the sensor probe and notifies the panel
    • Sends trouble alert to the panel when the ambient temperature exceeds 84 deg. F
    • Sends trouble alert to the panel when the ambient temperature falls below 42 deg. F
    • Ships with long life lithium battery life (typical battery life of 5 years)
    • ETL listed
    • Requires Firmware Version 1.14 or later for GC2 panel and 3.1 or later for GC3

    Model Number: 2GIG-FT1-345

  • 2gig-sds1-345-smoke-detector-sensor-1-300x213

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    2GIG-SDS1-345 Smoke Detector Sensor/Transmitter

    Installs in between wall and existing hardwired smoke detector.  Converts hardwired interconnected smoke detector systems to work with wireless alarm panels.  Backup battery to send alarm transmissions in the event of power failure.  Easy to see device status indicators.

  • 31Xy+-us1aL._SY355_


    2GIG-PANIC1 – 2GIG Remote Panic Button

    The 2GIG-PANIC1 Panic Button Remote was designed to transmit an emergency signal from any location within the range of the 2GIG Alarm System. Signals from the button will be transmitted whether the system is armed or disarmed.

  • 5821


    Ademco 5821 Wireless Temperature Sensor & Flood Detector w/470PB Probe

    Honeywell's 5821 is a versatile wireless device that can be configured to operate as either a standalone temperature sensor and/or a remote temperature sensor or flood detector. It is ideally suited for a wide range of applications including bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements and is fully compatible with 2GIG control panels.

  • ion-plunger


    Ion Security Plunger Wireless Door Sensor

    A bulky home security system can be an eyesore. Adding to that stress is hard wire installation permanently altering the aesthetics of a room, door or window treatment. With its wireless connectivity and fully concealed platform, however, the Ion Security Plunger is a door security sensor that finally eliminates these pesky inconveniences.

  • ion-micra


    Ion Security Micra Wireless Window Sensor

    A bulky home security system can be an eyesore. Adding to that stress is hard wire installation permanently altering the aesthetics of your room or window treatment. With its wireless connectivity and fully concealed platform, however, the Ion Security Micra is a window security sensor that finally eliminates these pesky inconveniences.

  • firefighter-angle


    Encore Controls Firefighter Module

    The FireFighter™ is the newest innovation from Encore Controls Inc. It is the easiest, most cost effective way to add fire alarm monitoring to your 2GIG, Honeywell (345) or Interlogix (319) wireless. The FireFighter’s™ unique technology monitors the existing UL smoke detectors within the home. When an alarm is detected a wireless signal is sent to the control panel which in turn contacts the central monitoring station. With interconnected hardwired smoke detectors found in most homes today, only one FireFighter is needed to monitor ALL the UL smoke detectors within the home.

  • 140616-3370PIR_resized-1024x683-2


    Resolution Products PIR Motion Detector RE 210T 2Gig Compatible

    • PYROFLEX™ IR sensor and HighBar™ signal processing for superior performance.
    • 2 (two) 60 pound Pet Immunity; up to 85 pounds.
    • 44 foot range and 90 degree field of view (45 degrees to each side).
    • Mountable on Flat-wall, 45 degree corner, or swivel/gimbal (sold separately).
    • Walk test LED.
    • ***Unique external contact on separate wireless ID***
    • 6-8 year battery life on 1-CR123 Lithium battery.
    • Cover tamper.
    • Low Battery indication.
    • Strong, reliable RF signal.
    • 2.5 x 4.5 x 2 inches.
  • Resolutiondoorwindowcontact-01


    Resolution Products Door/Window Contact RE 201T 2Gig Compatible

    • For sensing things that open or separate.
    • Magnet and Internal reed switch operation.
    • 2 supplemental hardwire zones
    • GE-compatible version reports 2nd zone to 2nd ID.
    • Cover tamper.
    • Strong, reliable RF signal.
    • 10-15 year battery life on CR123A battery.
    • Low Battery indication.
  • RE213T


    Resolution Products Carbon Monoxide Detector 2Gig Compatible RE 213T

    • UL2034 Self-Contained Carbon Monoxide Alarm
    • Senses and alarms to Carbon Monoxide per UL2034
    • Sleek design
    • Cover tamper.
    • Strong, reliable RF signal.
    • 3-5 year battery life on 3 Panasonic LR6-AA Alkaline batteries.
    • Low Battery indication.
  • reproductssmoke-01


    Resolution Products Wireless Smoke Detector Honeywell Compatible RE 212

    Honeywell Compatible Product Description • UL217 Self-Contained Fire Alarm Device • Senses and alarms to Smoke per UL217 • Sleek design • Cover tamper. • Strong, reliable RF signal. • 3-5 year battery life on Panasonic CR123A battery. • Low Battery indication

  • RE219-Flood


    Resolution Products Flood/Temperature Sensor 2GIG Compatible RE219

    Sounds an alarm and notifies you when your basement floods or the temperature drops below 40 degrees F or above 100 degrees F.