Security on Site: For Constructions, Trailers and New Home Builders was built from the ground up to include advanced features a traditional alarm can’t offer. It takes advantage of a powerful control panel you can access from any web browser or mobile device to let you manage multiple employees, contractors and visitors. An system allows you to keep track of ALL activity at your job sites — not just entries and exits, but every door, gate, garage and window. You’ll soon be tracking which model homes get the most foot traffic, and when workers arrive and leave the construction site. Best of all you can do it all — even arm and disarm the system — remotely through any web-connected computer or mobile device. You can also get text messages sent straight to your cell phone for notification of any system activity, or view daily reports at home from your computer.


Offer to homebuyers

Adding to your model home is not only the best way to secure it, but also a fantastic way to show off the technology to prospective home buyers. functionality is a feature sought after by discriminating homeowners, and can be an added selling point for your sales staff.


No phone, no problem

Not every valuable piece of property has a phone line installed, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be secure. An security system uses a dedicated GSM wireless connection to protect your construction site 24 hours a day, even in the event of a power failure. This is the ideal technology for builders to monitor model homes, sales centers, trailers, and homes under construction.